Have you ever heard someone say. “I was in the Right Place at the Right Time.”? As I contemplate that message I got to thinking there was a couple of “Right’s” which may be missing. Why do I say that?

Let me give you an example: People who buy lottery tickets and win are at the right place at the right time, but 75-80% of those people who win the Millions are right back where they started from when they bought the lottery ticket or sometimes even worse 7-8 years later.

The “Right’s” that are missing!

  • Right Knowledge
  • Right Time & Vehicle
  • Right YOU!

So many times in my own life I’ve come across the “Money Claims” and thought to myself… “I can do that.” I got into the business, went though the steps I was told to do and didn’t make any money. In fact, I most likely lost money. Why is it like that?!

After much discussion with other people who are successful in business, they’ve told me “if your mind-set wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be successful, you would fail.” and fail I did.

The questions I asked them was…. How do I get my mind so I am the RIGHT ME?

I only got question fired back at me.

  1. What am I reading right now?
  2. Who am I listening to?
  3. What type of self-development am I doing in order to improve myself EVERY DAY?
  4. What type of successes am I celebrating every day? Even the small ones are successes.
  5. What habits can I change which are currently holding me back from being successful?

Take what I’ve told you here and look inside yourself and ask yourself the above questions. Then you may find what part of YOU, which may be missing in order to be YOU and succeed at the Right Knowledge at the Right Time with the Right Vehicle with the RIGHT YOU!.

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